Sunday 30th May 2088 - Hart of Canada - Stampede Memorial Gardens, Canada, Earth

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

GWF: Monday Night War

Monday 8th March 2088 - Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

Pulsar tells the audience how much he's looking forward to returning to the GWF, and destroying the Society of Death once and for all.

Mutant jumps the barrier and stuns Pulsar with a shock-gauntlet. When he is semi-conscious, Mutant drags him up the ramp and throws him off of the entryway, fifteen feet, through some tables and to the floor below. Pulsar looks in a bad, bad way!

Beast-Rider vs Spike
The match is ruled a no-context when Reptillo breaks up a pinfall and attacks Spike with a chair.

Federation Defense Fighters [Omega of Cetus & Mesmer] vs Galaxian Royal Court [Death Knight & Exo-King]
Galaxian Royal Court win by pinfall via King Power Slam
A massive brawl breaks out after the match, and the security droids have to be called, once again.

Commander Sam vs Executioner
Executioner wins by pinfall via Headsman's Guillotine
After the pinfall, Executioner attacks Commander Sam with a flail. Sam is busted wide open and in a bad way.

Flying Titans [Lord Nexus & Pit Viper] vs The Society of Death [Invincible Krakan & Mutant]
Flying Titans win by submission via Cobra Nerve Stopper

Star Warrior vs Bishop Hell
Star Warrior wins by pinfall via Nova Launch
NEXT SHOW: GWF: Monday Night War
Monday 15th March 2088 - Stasllar Theatre, Poccior, Mensa

GWF: Monday Night War

Monday 1st March 2088 - Stasllar Theatre, Poccior, Mensa

The Ani-Men are backstage, and challenge the Gladiators of Aethra to a tag-team match on tonight's show.

The Gladiators accept!

Battering Ram vs Vanity
Battering Ram wins by pinfall via Battering Ram

Invincible Krakan runs down Lord Nexus and the Flying Titans. Will he be able to put his money where his mouth is?

The Ani-Men [Wolf & Incredible Badger] vs Gladiators of Aethra [Massacre & Spike]
The Ani-Men win by DQ after Massacre attacks Incredible Badger with a steel chair.

The Flying Titans challenge The Society of Death to a tag-team match on next week's Monday Night War.

Mesmer vs Killer Queen
Killer Queen wins by submission via Checkmate

The Galaxian Royal Court promise to bring an end to the Federation Defense Fighters...very soon...

Death Knight vs Omega of Cetus
Omega of Cetus wins by pinfall via Tomahawk Thrust

Exo-King appears from out of nowhere and blindsides Omega of Cetus, putting the boot in for good measure.

Mesmer comes running down to the ring to save Omega and a massive brawl ensues, resulting in security droids having to break them up.

The Greek Gods vs The Norse Gods (c)
The Norse Gods win by submission via Norse Sleeper Grip

Executioner vs Adam Blast
Adam Blast wins by pinfall via Mega Blast
NEXT SHOW: GWF: Monday Night War
Monday 8th March 2088 - Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars