Sunday 30th May 2088 - Hart of Canada - Stampede Memorial Gardens, Canada, Earth

Monday, 16 January 2012

GWF: Confrontation Night

Sunday 25th April 2077 - Deimos Arena, Deimos

Cosmos vs Silver
Silver wins by pinfall via Tombstone Piledriver.

Omega of Cetus vs Torin Caelum
Torin Caelum wins by pinfall via Dropkick.

Commander Sam vs Mangus, Destroyer of Humans
Commander Sam wins by pinfall via Sam's Atomic Drop.

Ricken Prince vs Screw
Ricken Prince wins by pinfall via Royal Decree.
After the match, Defiance ran in and assaulted Ricken Prince. Screw ran to his assistance. Jammer has returned to the GWF, and Ricken Prince and Screw are now the team "Rock Solid".

GWF Tag-Team Title
Paladin Power (c) vs Wind Riders
Paladin Power win by pinfall via Paladin Missile.

GWF Title
K.O. Keller (c) vs Mimic
K.O. Keller wins by K.O. Heart Punch.

NEXT SHOW: GWF: Sunday Rumble
Sunday 30th May - Deimos Arena, Deimos

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