Sunday 30th May 2088 - Hart of Canada - Stampede Memorial Gardens, Canada, Earth

Monday, 6 August 2012

GWF: Monday Night War

Monday 5th May 2087 - Stasllar Theatre, Poccior, Mensa
Comrade Terror vs Commander Sam
Comrade Terror wins by submission via Terror Face Claw.

Invincible Krakan vs Executioner
Invincible Krakan wins by pinfall via Gut-Wrench.

Omega vs Death Knight
Omega wins by pinfall via Tomahawk Thrust.

Vanity vs Ghengis Khan
Ghengis Khan wins by pinfall via Twin-Thrust.

Massif vs Exo-King
Massif wins by pinfall via Headbutt.

GWF Tag-Team Title
Gladiators (c) vs Wolf & Actagon
Gladiators win by pinfall via Massacre Slam.
NEXT SHOW: GWF: Monday Night War
12th May 2087 - The Whale's Belly, Menkar, Cetus

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