Sunday 30th May 2088 - Hart of Canada - Stampede Memorial Gardens, Canada, Earth

Friday, 5 July 2013

GWF: Monday Night War

Monday 24th November 2087 - Stargazer's Grotto, Veil Nebula

Omega of Cetus vs Mutant
Mutant wins by submission via Temple Grinder.

In his dressing room, Thantos berating Terror and Executioner. "I want no mistakes tonight, or on Sunday. We need to get out there, and pound the Federation Defense Fighters into the ground. I want them dead, I want them gone. Their pathetic little memories of the GWF as a fount of competition and sportsmanlike behaviour are rooted in nothing more than crap."

In the Docking Bay, Invincible Krakan is just getting out of his Hover-Limo. "What the hell do you want? I haven't got time to talk to you."

The Evil Ones [Exo-King & Killer Queen] vs The Space Croppers
The Evil Ones win by pinfall via Atomic Drop.

Pit Viper vs Ghengis Khan

Lord Nexus runs in and Titan Drops Ghengis Khan while the referee is distracted.
Pit Viper nails the Venom Blast!
Pit Viper wins by pinfall via Venom Blast.

Backstage, Death Knight once again re-issues his challenge to Omega of Cetus.

Omega appears of the Galacti-Tron and accepts! It's Omega versus Death Knight this Sunday at GWF: Caged Confrontation!

Massif vs Executioner
Massif wins by DQ via Chair Shot.

The Gladiators vs The Greek Gods
The Greek Gods win by submission via Grecian Sleeper Grip!

This Sunday, the biggest names in the Galactian Wrestling Federation will collide...

Omega of Cetus, the founder of the GWF will face up against his constant aggressor, the cyborg-warrior, Death Knight...

The blood strewn history between Pit Viper and Mutant comes to a head in a Singapore Cane Match...

Invicible Krakan has faced Lord Nexus in many ways...but never in a Titan Death Match...until now...

Six-Man-Tag-Team action as The Greek Gods team up with the unstoppable giant, Massif, to take on the sadistic might of The Gladiators and Executioner...

And finally...the GWF Title is on the line...inside a steel cage...as Star Warrior defends his belt...and possibly the GWF itself...from his long time rival...and one time friend...Thantos...

GWF: Caged Confrontation...this Sunday...only on Pay-Per-View!

The Federation Defense Fighters [Star Warrior & Commander Sam] vs Thantos & Comrade Terror
Thantos & Comrade Terror win by submission via Masterlock.

NEXT SHOW: GWF: Caged Confrontation
Sunday 30th November 2087 - Tirion Sports Palace, Tirion

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