Sunday 30th May 2088 - Hart of Canada - Stampede Memorial Gardens, Canada, Earth

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

GWF: Intergalactic Mayhem

Sunday 28th December 2087 - Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars
A Hover-Limo pulls into the docking bay...

It's the Flying Titans!
Here comes another one!

It's the GWF Champion Star Warrior!

Massacre vs Lord Nexus
Massacre wins by pinfall via Decapitator

Vanity & Killer Queen vs Beast-Rider & Commander Sam
Beast-Rider & Commander Sam win by submission via Boston Crab

Death Knight vs Omega of Cetus
Omega of Cetus wins by DQ via Brawling

Thantos vs Massif
Massif ends up chasing Thantos out of the arena with a chair!
Thantos wins by DQ via Brawling

The Flying Titans [Pit Viper & Pulsar] (c) vs The Greek Gods
The Flying Titans win by DQ via Brawling

Star Warrior (c) vs Comrade Terror
Star Warrior wins by pinfall via Nova Launch
NEXT SHOW: GWF: Monday Night War
5th January 2088 - Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

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