Sunday 30th May 2088 - Hart of Canada - Stampede Memorial Gardens, Canada, Earth

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

GWF: Galactimania XII

Sunday 31st March 2086 - Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

Blood vs Mighty Grogan
Mighty Grogan wins by submission via Upper Crush.

Polarity vs Gladiators of Aethra
Polarity wins by pinfall via Figure Eight Roll-Up.

Wolf vs Commander Sam
Commander Sam wins by pinfall via Sam's Atomic Drop.

Omega of Cetus vs Commander Krakan
Commander Krakan wins by pinfall via Military Maneuvers.

GWF Tag-Team Title
The GameMasters (c) vs Lord Nexus & Dragon Fighter
The GameMasters wins by submission via Masterlock.

GWF Title
Hechilles (c) vs Mimic
Hechilles wins by pinfall via The End.
NEXT SHOW: GWF: Callisto Chaos
Sunday 28th April 2086 - Intergalactic Grand Grotto, Callisto Moon, Jupiter

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