Sunday 30th May 2088 - Hart of Canada - Stampede Memorial Gardens, Canada, Earth

Friday, 27 July 2012

GWF: Ultimate Showdown

Sunday 27th October 2086 - Penguin Ice Castle, Ohio, USA, Earth

Lord Nexus vs Invincible Krakan
Lord Nexus wins by pinfall via Titan Drop.

Gladiators vs Killer Queen & Death Knight
Gladiators win by pinfall via Decapitator.

Natural Man vs Commander Sam
Commander Sam wins by pinfall via Slingshot Suplex.
Thantos comes down to the ring bearing the Galaxian Code Plaque. Once in the ring, he spits on it, and shatters it with an ice-pick...the same ice pick used to scar his face! Star Warrior runs down and leaps onto Thantos, throwing punches left, right and centre. The two brawl for a while, until Thantos finally DDTs Star Warrior through the announcer's table. Thantos leaves, laughing, and is met at the entrance ramp by Exo-King, Killer Queen and Death Knight.
GWF Tag-Team Title
Wind Riders (c) vs Dragon Fighter & Pulsar
Wind Riders win by pinfall via Deimos Driver.

GWF Title
Hechilles (c) vs Blood
Hechilles wins by pinfall via The End.
RING REPORT: Thantos has recovered from his injuries and is cleared to wrestle.
24th November 2086 - Pollux Starfire Arena, Gemini

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