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Thursday, 14 March 2013

GWF: Monday Night War

Monday 4th August 2087 - Deimos Intergalactic Arena

Mutant vs Proteus
Proteus wins by pinfall via Overhead Toss.

Backstage, the Greek Gods are talking to the camera. "Gladiators..." begins Actagon. "You know that we can beat you, and you know that those titles deserve to be in the hands of true wrestling gods. So how about it? We stop the games, the pranks, the insulting...and get down to what we do best. Fighting. At Caged Death...you...us...Survivor Rules, for the the GWF Tag-Team Title. Let's hear your answer, Gladiators...the Gods are listening."

Space Croppers vs Killer Queen and Vanity
Space Croppers win by submission via Spinecracker.

The Society of Death come down to the ring, and grab the microphone. "We have destroyed Pulsar," growls Invincible Krakan, "and we have destroyed Pit Viper. So, Nexus...supposed Lord of Titan...that just leaves you...alone. And tonight...you...will join your friends, in the convalescent home for the permanently battered. In fact..."

Lord Nexus' music blares out of the PA and he runs down the entrance ramp. The Society of Death scatter before the Flying Titan, and smiles at the cheering crowd.

Backstage, Thantos is being interviewed by a an interview droid. "Star Warrior is nothing. Star Warrior's pin is a goddamn fluke. Things go wrong in a tag match, and - let me tell you - a tag match is not a GWF Title match. Star Warrior, you want the title? Prove it. If you're man enough to pin me in a one-on-one match next week on Monday Night War, then I'll give you a title shot?"

Star Warrior walks straight up to the GWF Champ...stares him down for a few seconds...and just says, "Bring it."

Exo-King vs Actagon
Actagon wins by submission via Grecian Sleeper Grip.

In the Locker Room, things between The Gladiators and The Greek Gods have come to a head and the teams have to be separated by security!

Elsewhere, Death Knight grabs an interview droid. "Omega...this thing we have...it's not over. And it won't end...until you do..."

Lord Nexus vs Invincible Krakan
Lord Nexus wins by pinfall via Dropkick Off Turnbuckle.

Post-match, Lord Nexus continues to attack Invincible Krakan, dragging him out of the ring, and hitting a Titan Drop straight onto the guard rail.

Ghengis Khan and Mutant run down to assist, but the damage has been done. Invincible Krakan requires medical attention.

Thantos vs Wolf
Wolf wins by pinfall via Cross Body Block.
NEXT SHOW: GWF Monday Night War
Monday 11th August 2087 - Ganymede Stadium, Jupiter

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