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Thursday, 28 March 2013

GWF: Monday Night War

Monday 20th October 2087 - Deimos Intergalactic Arena

Comrade Terror vs Massif
Comrade Terror wins by pinfall via Atomic Warhead.

The Space Croppers vs The Evil Ones [Exo-King & Killer Queen]
The Evil Ones win by submission via Checkmate.

Backstage, Commander Sam gives an interview about his upcoming match with Star Warrior.

"Star Warrior is near family, to me. I've fought alongside him and his father, trained with them, and been to hell and back at their side. One thing I can promise you, though, is that neither of us will hold back in our match tonight. And that's for two reasons...firstly...we respect the GWF Title, and what it means, far too much to pull our blows over it. And secondly, we both know that as soon as you've got that belt, you're a great big target to Thantos, Comrade Terror, and their ilk. And they won't hold back. You can bet your career on it."

Star Warrior is on his way to the canteen when he's ambushed from behind by Thantos. The two battle back and forth for a while, but Star Warrior come off the obvious winner, tipping Thantos into a dumpster!

Omega of Cetus vs Death Knight
Death Knight wins by pinfall via Tomahawk Thrust.

The Gladiators grab an interview bot, and Massacre flies into a rant.

"Pit Viper and Pulsar? You mean we've got to knock those little pansies out to get a shot at the titles that everyone knows are rightfully ours in the first place? That's not a match. That's a goddamn murder. Those fly-weight little luchadors won't know what hit them when they feel the full force of Aethran Power!"

Backstage, Executioner talks to the camera.

"Hey, Wolf...I know you're watching at home...or in hospital...or wherever it was that Thantos and Comrade Terror put you. Maybe you're still underneath that Hover-Limo...I dunno. Anyway, I just want you to know that I'm in the semi-finals for your title tonight. And I'll be keeping it warm for you until you get your ass back."

Ghengis Khan vs Executioner
Ghengis Khan wins by pinfall via Twin Thrust.

The Gladiators vs The Flying Titans [Pit Viper & Pulsar]
The Flying Titans win by pinfall via Whirlwind.

Thantos is interviewed.

"No, I'm not offended that I wasn't seeded in the tournament! Why would I be? I don't want to win the title back that way. I want to see Star Warrior, or Commander Sam win it...and I want to take them to the ground...and stomp a crater in them...and lift the bloodstained belt from their cold, lifeless fingers. That's a victory. That's a title. That's what makes a GWF champion."

Commander Sam vs Star Warrior
Star Warrior wins by pinfall via Nova Launch.
NEXT SHOW: GWF: Final Encounter
Sunday 26th October 2087 - Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

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