Sunday 30th May 2088 - Hart of Canada - Stampede Memorial Gardens, Canada, Earth

Monday, 27 July 2015

GWF: Galactimania XIV

Sunday 28th March 2088 - Cathedral of the Swirling Mists, Ring Nebula, Orion

Beauty and the Beast are seen preparing.
"Okay..." says Vanity. "Don't forget that whatever happens, we are stopping the Neptunian Space Croppers once and for all...got it?"
The Creeper grunts in response.

Pit Viper vs Brute
Brute wins by pinfall via Running Clothesline

The Neptunian Space Croppers are seen warming up for their match. They seem very upbeat and confident.

Federation Defense Fighters [Memser & Massif] vs The Galaxian Royal Court [Exo-King & Death Knight]
Federation Defense Fighters win by submission via Grinding Bear Hug

Comrade Terror and Commander Sam are laying into each other backstage. Comrade Terror looks to be beaten down, and Commander Sam starts walking away.
As he does so, Comrade Terror jumps into a Hover-Limo and hits Commander Sam with it! Commander Sam is in a bad way!

Wolf vs Massacre
Wolf wins by suibmission via Savage Face Claw

Pit Viper is talking to a Cam-Bot. "You know, I'm pretty confident in my team mates, Lord Nexus and Billy Jo Boxer, to have the ability and the talent to take the GWF Tag-Team Titles from The Norse Gods. Furthermore, I'm glad that they have been given the opportunity to-"

Suddenly, he is interrupted by the arrival of Splatter and Ghengis Khan...
It looks like things are about to kick off into a brawl, when...

Pulsar arrives on the scene!
"Now now, guys...we all want to kick back and enjoy Galactimania tonight...but we're in Columbae tomorrow...so what say the four of us sign up to a little tag-team action tomorrow night?"
The Society of Death nod their assent.

The Neptunian Space Croppers vs Beauty and the Beast
Beauty & The Beast win by pinfall via Pulverizer
After the match, Beauty and the Beast batter The Neptunian Space Croppers with chairs, and The Creeper even throws Renegade off of the entrance ramp, through a stack of tables. Beast-Rider and Regegade require medical attention from the EMT-Bots, and Beauty and Beast are restrained and taken away by Security Bots.

The Flying Titans [Lord Nexus & Billy Jo Boxer] vs The Norse Gods (c)
The Norse Gods win by submission via Norse Sleeper Grip

Adam Blast is being interviewed about Commander Sam's physical condition. He's obviously concerned that it might be very serious, when...

...Executioner runs in from behind and attacks him!
Fortunately, Adam Blast is able to clamber to his feet and fight him off. Blast challengs Executioner to a match on tomorrow night's Monday Night War...and Executioner accepts!

Star Warrior vs Thantos (c)
Thantos wins by pinfall via Satanic Skull Smasher

After the match is over, Bishop Hell runs in and he and Thantos assault Star Warrior. After they leave, Star Warrior gets to his feet and issues a challenge to Bishop Hell...but Bishop Hell does not answer...yet...
NEXT SHOW: GWF: Monday Night War
Monday 29th March 2088 - Columbae Peace Pavilion, Columbae

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