Sunday 30th May 2088 - Hart of Canada - Stampede Memorial Gardens, Canada, Earth

Friday, 24 July 2015

GWF: Monday Night War

Monday 22nd March 2088 - Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Mars

The Neptunian Space Croppers are backstage!
"Galactifans, and CropperManiacs! We can't tell you all how excited we are about the match against Beauty and the Beast and Galactimania XIV! In fact, we're looking forward to the whole show...especially seeing Star Warrior get the belt back from that filthy villain Thantos!"

Death Knight vs Omega of Cetus
Omega of Cetus wins by pinfall via Flying Cross Body

The Society of Death corner a nearby CamBot. "GWF! We are the Society of Death, and our presence must be felt!" screams Splatter.

"We promise you that The Flying Titans will not be taking home the belts at Galactimania...just wait and see..." threatens Invincible Krakan.

Beauty & The Beast vs Ani-Men of Andromeda [Incredible Badger & Reptillo]
Beauty & The Beast win by DQ after Incredible Badger chased Vanity with a chair

Sunday 28th March 2088 - Cathedral of the Swirling Mists, Ring Nebula, Orion

Lightening vs Actagon
Actagon wins by Submission via Grecian Sleeper Hold
After the match, as Actagon is celebrating, Lightening smashes Actagon with the ring bell.

Man Mountain comes running down and the Norse Gods mudhole-stomp Actagon!

Proteus comes running down to assist, and the Norse Gods beat a hasty retreat. Actagon is bleeding in the ring, and the EMTs are summoned.

Wolf vs Invincible Krakan
Wolf wins by submission via Savage Face Claw

Massacre is angry about something. He grabs a RoadAgentBot, and is about to pulverise it into smithereens, when a clawed hand grabs his shoulder and spins him around.

"Why not pick on someone your own size...or you just like all Aethrans? A bully? You and I have history, Massacre...so let's make it living history. You and me and Galactimania...what do you say?"
Massacre smiles, and nods his agreement.

The Neptunian Space Croppers vs Gladiators of Aethra [Brute & Spike]
The Neptunian Space Croppers win by DQ after the match descends into a brawl.

Star Warrior vs Bishop Hell
Star Warrior wins after Bishop Hell is disqualified for attempting to use Hellfire
NEXT SHOW: GWF: Galactimania XIV
Sunday 28th March 2088 - Cathedral of the Swirling Mists, Ring Nebula, Orion

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