Sunday 30th May 2088 - Hart of Canada - Stampede Memorial Gardens, Canada, Earth

Monday, 27 July 2015

GWF: Monday Night War

Monday 29th March 2088 - Columbae Peace Pavilion, Columbae

Splatter is playing with his bat, and talking to himself about destroying Pit Viper.

Wolf vs Brute
Wolf wins by DQ following interference by Massacre.

The Galaxian Royal Court come down to the ring, and challenger the Federation Defense Fighters to matches on next week's Monday Night War...

Omega of Cetus appears on the Galactitron, and accepts the challenge on behalf of the FDF!

The Galaxian Royal Court [Exo-King & Death Knight] vs The Flying Titans [Lord Nexus & Billy Jo Boxer]
The Galaxian Royal Court win by pinfall via King Power Slam

The Norse Gods are bragging backstage, about how they're the greatest Tag-Team of all time, even comparing themselves to Paladin Power and The Wind Riders.

Adam Blast vs Executioner
Executioner wins by pinfall via Headman's Guillotine

Lord Nexus and Invincible Krakan are brawling backstage...
Things come to a head when Lord Nexus throws Invincible Krakan through a window!

Battering Ram vs Man-Mountain
Battering Ram wins by pinfall via Battering Ram

Wolf comes down to the ring.
"Last night, I beat Massacre, and now tonight, he was so scared that I was going to beat his little boyfriend, too, that he felt he had to interfere in my match. So...Massacre...what do you say that...at Armageddon...the two of us have ourselves a Last Man Standing Match...and if either of your Aethran buddies interfere...you promise to quit the GWF..."
There is a pause...

...and then Massacre comes out alone to the entrance ramp.
"Wolf, I don't need Brute and Spike to help me whip you. Hell...it wasn't too long ago that you were my little ***** in the Gladiators, remember...?"
Wolf visible winces at the memory.
"...you want me? At Armageddon? Last Man Standing?" continues Massacre.
"Yeah...I want it bad..." growls Wolf.
Massacre studies the crowd, and then nods. "You got it. Last. Man. Standing."

The fans go crazy!

The Flying Titans [Pit Viper & Pulsar] vs The Society of Death [Splatter & Ghengis Khan]
The Flying Titans win by submission via Cobra Nerve Stopper

The Ani-Men of Andromeda speak to an Interview Bot.
"Gladiators...our paths seem to be criss-crossing a lot lately..." says Incredible Badger. "So, how about we force things into a collision. How about next week on Monday Night War, we have ourselves a six-man tag match?"

The Gladiators flicker into the hall as a hologram.
"You want us?" asks Spike. "You got us..."

Star Warrior vs Bishop Hell
Star Warrior wins by DQ when Bishop Hell attempts to blast him with Hellfire
NEXT SHOW: GWF: Monday Night War
Monday 5th April 2088 - Stasllar Theatre, Poccior, Mensa

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