Sunday 30th May 2088 - Hart of Canada - Stampede Memorial Gardens, Canada, Earth

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

GWF: Monday Night War

Monday 12th April 2088 - Stasllar Theatre, Poccior, Mensa

The Society of Death are looking forward to getting their hands on the Flying Titans, right here, in Poccior, Mensa!

Pulsar vs Brute
Pulsar wins by Flying Leg Scissors

The Federation Defense Fighters are in the ring.
"I'm calling out to Thantos and Bishop Hell, tonight..." yells Star Warrior. "Massif, here, has a number one contender match tonight with Comrade Terror, to see - no - as a mere formality before he takes the title from Thantos at GWF: Armageddon. So, seeing as that same night, at GWF: Armageddon, I have a No Disqualification Match with the Pompous Pontiff, Bishop Hell...how about next week on Monday Night War...we have ourselves a little tag-team action...me and Massif...against Thantos and Bishop Hell..."

The GalactiTron lights up.
"Star Warrior..." growls Thantos, "You just don't ever give up, do you? I have beaten you, and I have broken you a thousand times since you arrived in the Galaxian Wrestling Federation. And, you know what? I don't think I'll ever get tired of it. So if you want a tag-team match as a little warm-up, before I break your overgrown buddy, Massif, at Armageddon...you got it!"

Ani-Men of Andromeda [Reptillo & Battering Ram] vs Gladiators of Aethra [Massacre & Spike]
Gladiators of Aethra win by pinfall via Massacre Slam
After the match, Spike and Massacre pile the damage onto the fallen Ani-Men.
Just as the Gladiators are leaving, Battering Ram grabs a mic...

"This ends for you, Spike. Me and you, at Armageddon, with Brute and Massacre...Reptillo and Badger...as the Lumberjacks...do we have a deal, Spike?"
Spike laughs, and nods his acceptance. It's on!

Pit Viper vs Mutant
Mutant wins by pinfall via Running Clothesline

Spike is talking to an InterviewBot
"You think I'm scared of you, Battering Ram? I ain't scared of no man...and I sure as hell ain't scared of an overblown Billy Goat like you. You want to face me, but you want protection from your little Petting Zoo Pals? Go for it. I'll have the most powerful tag-team the GWF has ever seen in my corner...and I can't wait to smash you into lamb cutlets. Baaah!"

Lightening vs Proteus
Proteus wins by pinfall via Overhead Toss

After the match, Proteus gives fans an update on Actagon's condition.
"He's still in a pretty bad way, but we have him resting at home...Olympus, I mean...he hopes to be back in action as soon as he can...and as soon as both he...and poor little Man-Mountain are ready...we'll be going after the GWF Tag-Team titles again."

Society of Death [Splatter & Ghengis Khan] vs The Flying Titans [Lord Nexus & Billy Jo Boxer]
Society of Death win by pinfall via Loaded Punch

Comrade Terror vs Massif
Massif wins by pinfall via Volcano Drop
Massif is the Number One Contender for the GWF Title!
NEXT SHOW: GWF: Monday Night War
Monday 19th April 2088 - Demon Star Auditorium, Persei, Algol

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